"Bulldozer" 700 / 800
Tractors are mechanical devices, which are installed, (in matching pairs, left hand and complementary right hand), into printers or continuous forms handling devices to accurately control paper motion. The model 700 series tractor is an undersized design that replaces and upgrades the 886 series tractors. The model 800 series tractor is an industrial grade needle bearing tractor designed for graphics printers, collators and de-collating equipment.

All Bulldozer tractors have 8 pins engaged in the form's vertical edge holes to feed form at a rate of 4.0 inches (101.6 mm) per revolution of the drive pulley.

All Bulldozer models meet these basic specification:
Physical Dimensions:
See customer sales drawing for specifics.
Effective Pin Height: 0.060 (1.52mm) from the base of the pin.
Pin Diameter: 0.142 (3.61mm) dia. Standard or 0.151 (3.84mm) dia. Available in steel or plastic.
Pin Patch: Spins are on 0.500 (12.70 mm) +/- 0.002 (0.51mm) pitch.
Lid Gap: 700 series: 0.058 (1.47mm)
              800 series: adjustable up to 0.060 (1.52mm)
Lid Force: 1lb. (0.45 kgf) minimum required to exceed lid gap.
Drive Shaft: 0468 Grob spline
Maximum Spline Dimensions: Chord: 0.137 (3.48mm)
                                             Outside Diameter = 0.505 (12.83mm)
                                             Root Diameter = 0.428 (10.87mm)
                                             Fillet Radius = 0.005 (0.13mm)
                                             Corner Radius = 0.007 (0.18mm)
Stabalizer: Round = 0.499/0.501 (12.67/12.72mm)
                 *Rectangular = 1.250/1.245 x 0.625/0.620
                                         (31.75/31.62 x 15.87/15.75mm)
Paper Shelf: Static dissipating optional.
Clamp Force: 12lbs. (5.32 kgf) Minimum to move tractor when in locked position.
Form Specification: Tractors have been tested to perform with paper that conforms to ISO 2784-1974 (E)
Product Life: Customer must determine product life based on actual in-use testing. See mechanical specification.
Operating Ambient: 4° C to 40° C at 15-95 % RH. Non-condensing
Storage Ambient: -40° C to 71° C at 5-95 % RH. Non-condensing
Inertia: 0.22 oz. In. (15.8 gm. cm.) (with plastic drive pins).
           0.28 oz. In. (20.2 gm. cm.) (with steel drive pins).
Identification: Left-hand tractors will be marked with a blue dot.
                     Right-hand tractors will be marked with a green dot.
Maximum Shipping Weight per tractor: 700 series: 8oz. (227 g).
                                                            800 series: 12oz. (341 g).

*800 series ONLY